3 Ways to improve your Self Confidence

Published 31/03/2015 by Jenni

Many of us girls suffer from low self-esteem issues. Perhaps you don’t like the shape of your nose, the size of your hips or the colour of your teeth, whatever it is, you are not alone. Almost every women I know has self-esteem issues, most of which, if not all, stem from body image.

It is important to remember that we are all different, and we all have different body sizes, face shapes and features, regardless of what we might see in the media. There is no one definition of beauty; everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Don’t fall into the trap of fixating on the things that you hate about yourself, as this will only make things worse. Okay, so what is the best way to deal with self-esteem issues and learn to love the way you look?

Here are some fabulous tips for three ways you can learn to love how you look and build up your self-confidence in the process.

1. Spend time taking care of your body

It is amazing how feeling bad about yourself can make you want to neglect your body. But by taking the time to take care of yourself, you can boost your confidence levels and will feel much better about yourself.

Take care of your body by exercising on a regular basis, eating a healthy diet and taking care of your hair and skin. Invest in a luxurious body care set, including shampoo, conditioner, skin exfoliator and scented moisturiser. This will allow you to take proper care of yourself and your hair and skin.

2. Ask yourself what makes you least confident


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Think about how you see yourself and what it is that affects your confidence levels. While it is important to love yourself for who you are and what you look like. If, for example, you are overweight, and that is affecting your confidence levels, then it would be a good idea to do something about it.

Sometimes things like having gained a few pounds or not eating healthily can impact on our self-confidence levels, leaving us feeling bad about ourselves. For example, if you dislike how your teeth look, consider investing in teeth whitening or braces to improve how they look. This will boost your body confidence and make you happier with your appearance.

3. Think about the cause of the problem

Think about what makes you feel bad about yourself, what are the triggers? Perhaps reading certain fashion magazines or scrolling through profiles on Facebook or Instagram make you feel bad about yourself?

Once you have worked out what it is that makes you feel bad about yourself, try to avoid them as much as possible. Think about it like this, there is no point reading a certain magazine if it is going to make you feel bad about your own appearance. Instead, swap to a magazine that is empowering and makes you feel good about yourself.

8 Unbelievable things you didn’t know about married life

Published 15/01/2015 by Jenni

Married life is not the happy ever after that many films make it out to be. If you ask any couple that has been married for 3 years or more, they’ll tell you that! This post will definitely open your eyes when it comes to what goes on behind closed doors in married life. Take a look…

1. Your Disagreements Won’t Disappear

Getting married will not make your disagreements disappear. In fact, it could make you disagree more. If you’re getting married to ‘fix’ your relationship, you’re already doomed. Your relationship should be in great condition before you make the serious decision to get married.

2. Your Relationship Will Probably Be Exactly the Same

Do you expect your relationship to get even better after marriage? Do you think things will change? They probably won’t. Your relationship will be exactly the same. The only difference will be that you now share a last name!

3. It Could Actually Get Worse

Yep, it’s true. Once you’ve sent out the invitations from Paper Themes and had your big day, you could run into problems. If you both aren’t prepared for what marriage is really all about, this could make your relationship worse. You need to know how to communicate properly, how to make up after a fight, and know that marriage is hard work.

4. Married Couples Report Communication as One of their Biggest Issues

is a huge problem for married couples. You both need to be able to get your thoughts and feelings across to one another effectively without upset. You also need to resolve issues effectively. If you try to bring something up with your partner and they get on the defense, you’re both doing something wrong. You’ll never sort your problems out this way and they’ll only get larger.

5. You Might Have Less Sex

Some people think that marriage means sex on tap. This is not the case! You might have even less sex than you did before. On average, married couples only do it slightly more than once per week. You might even have dry spells where you don’t do it for a few weeks, or even a month or two. This is normal, as long as you’re both still being intimate in other ways.

The Ups and Downs of Married Life
Photo by Garry Knight

6. You Won’t Like Your Partner All the Time

Sometimes, you really won’t like your partner. You might even decide you don’t fancy them anymore. 5 minutes later, you might love them again. Marriage is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Don’t expect to like everything about your partner all of the time.

7. You Might Fall Out of Love

You don’t always stay in love when you’re married. The feeling will often fade, but it’s what you’re left with that’s important. If you and your partner have a strong friendship/feeling of partnership, that’s what counts. That’s what will keep you together until you’re old and grey!

8. A Pregnant Wife Increases a Man’s Chance of Cheating

Sorry ladies, don’t mean to scare you. Apparently, a pregnant wife makes a man much more likely to cheat. In fact, a man is as likely to cheat on his wife as he is to experience a flight delay. Make sure you can trust your man!

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Alternative Things A Little Girl Can Take To Show And Tell

Published 25/04/2014 by Jenni

The primary school years are arguably the best time in anyone’s life. Young minds are functioning at full speed and soaking up information faster than a supercomputer. Innocent friendships are formed and the simple things in life, such as running around in an aimless attempt to burn off excess energy, are enjoyed.

Image by cdrussorusso

The friendships will often last a lifetime, and even if contact is lost, the names and faces of those companions will always be remembered.

Most of the days spent learning at school are exciting, and the children look forward to them once they have awoken properly in the mornings. It is a time when homework is a novelty too, and the children are eager to please their teacher with their best efforts. Show and tell is a great occasion where the kids all try to outdo each other, I know mine did. Settling on the right object was critical, as was learning a sentence or two to go with the display.

Here are a few suggestions that may help your daughter come to a decision when show and tell is only a couple of weeks away, and they are unable to make up their mind on what to take to school.

Pets are a standard show and tell subject. Though many children take them along, it doesn’t detract from the value of the subject. Children love to take their little friends to school, and other children love to see them. If the pet is unusual, it will attract more interest. Giant land snails (they aren’t that big really), or stick insects are unusual pets to take along and the other kids will be fascinated.

Your daughter will get credit for effort if she makes her own piece of art and then explains it. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece; art is all in the interpretation., right?

With a couple of weeks notice, a little girl and her mum have plenty of time to build a model of some kind. Maybe a model Saturn 5 rocket would look great, and the story of how man first walked on the moon could accompany it. Alternatively, the story of how grandad won the war and a tank model will go down well with the rest of the class.

A book is a very handy thing to take to show and tell, as long as the child has actually read it. Sit down with your daughter a couple of days before the event and help them to write a brief synopsis.

Old photos are a great subject for show and tell. There is a huge range of possible subjects. Do you have photographs of your grandparents that you could find for them? Maybe one where one, or both, of them are in military uniform as it was taken during the war years. There may well be an old photograph of grandad with his tank; you know; the one he ran Adolf Hitler over with. Or perhaps you could pay a visit to the library. Many of them will have a collection of old newspapers where pictures are found, that show how the town used to look decades ago. Photocopy them. Children love local history.

One piece of advice I will give to all you young mums out there; get involved with, and enjoy, your child’s school work. They are only children for a brief time, and it is you that will miss out if you don’t. The young years are the best for building memories, so have fun.